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            About Us

            Strategic goals

            High innovation ability 

            All-round innovation, breaking through the cutting-edge technologies of transmission, distribution, management, safety and protection of high current; focusing on research on conductive material technology, power transmission technology, thermal management technology, etc.

            High industry driving power 

            Leading the industry with a series of new technology innovations, driving the development of a number of application industries.

            High industry influence 

            Deep development based on cutting-edge technology, control core patents and technical standards, deeply lead and influence the transformation and development of the industry.

            High brand value 

            To solve the safety and reliability of the high-voltage and high-current of the human new energy vehicle industry, and to create a high-end, national and global brand.

            Head position has increased dramatically 

            Transforming the relative head position to an absolute head position, making the company truly a high-value, High-investment value enterprise.

            Corporate vision
            Corporate mission
            Corporate culture