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            Testing Center
            Center Introduction

            Shenzhen Busbar Sci-Tech platform testing center (hereinafter referred to as “testing center”) is initiated by Shenzhen Busbar Sci-Tech DevelopmentCo., LTD. It was originally operated as an internal laboratory for Busbar Group. In May 2018, the testing center was operated according to ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation criteria. A thorough management system has established. The laboratory has a professional testing team, equipped with more than 100 advanced testing equipments. In August 2019, it officially obtained recognition of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). In September and November 2019, It has been recognized by Great Wall Motor Company Limited and BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd..

            It is a professional third party testing organization.

            Testing project areas: environmental reliability field, mechanical field, electrical field, hazardous substances, precision test, etc.

            Involved industries: electric products, automobiles, packaging products, and mould, etc.

            Testing objects: charging connector, electric vehicle charging equipment, cable, die-casting, electronic busbar, high voltage and large current connector, specialized busbar for battery connection system, high voltage relay, high voltage power distribution box, multi-in-one vehicle controller etc.. The testing center has an experienced technical team and advanced testing equipment, we will provide you with a complete solution and comprehensive quality plan.  Testing center help customers manage risks to meet the requirements of your products in different countries and regions, regulatory challenges. We help you sell products well all over the world.

            Honorary qualification
            Laboratory equipment
            Quality Assurance

            Process monitoring and improvement

            Interlaboratory comparison

            Capability verification test

            Customer satisfaction survey

            Equipment calibration and verification

            Internal quality audit system

            Verification of results and review of reports

            Staff training and evaluation

            Service Process